job lot

job lot
a miscellaneous collection of things sold together (Freq. 1)
Hypernyms: ↑collection, ↑aggregation, ↑accumulation, ↑assemblage

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a. : a miscellaneous collection of goods for sale as a lot usually to a retailer at a reduced price
b. : a miscellaneous sometimes inferior group

get a job lot of deans, dowagers, cabinet ministers, and ambassadors to meet them — W.J.Locke

2. : a smaller than normal unit of commodities, goods, or production
3. : an odd quantity of paper offered for sale at a discount because discontinued or otherwise nonstandard
- in job lots

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1. a large, often assorted quantity of goods sold or handled as a single transaction.
2. a miscellaneous quantity; a quantity of odds and ends.

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job lot noun
1. A collection of odds and ends, esp for sale as one lot
2. Any collection of inferior quality
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Main Entry:job

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job lot UK US noun [countable] [singular job lot plural job lots]
several separate things that are sold or accepted together
Thesaurus: things for sale and things boughtsynonym general words for the activity of buying and sellinghyponym

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job lot,
a quantity of goods bought or sold together, often containing several different kinds.

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n. a miscellaneous group of articles, esp. when sold or bought together

a job lot of stuff I bought from a demolition firm

* * *

noun, pl ⋯ lots [count]
Brit : a collection of goods that are being sold as a group

The warehouse bought the pieces as a job lot.

* * *

ˌjob ˈlot [job lot job lots] noun (informal)
a collection of different things, especially of poor quality, that are sold together

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